Space Planning

What is Space Planning?

Space planning is one of the fundamentals of interior design. It is essential in any home or commercial space design project because it serves as the basis of conceptualisation and eventually, execution of the design.

Space planning begins with an in-depth analysis of the space to be used, and from there the design draws a plan that identifies and defines the areas of the space, and the movements or activities intended to take place in those areas. This plan also aims to define patterns that demonstrate how people move through and around the space, as well as the placement of details such as furniture, lighting, and other necessary installations.

There are many factors to consider when working on a space plan, and these include room structure, built-in furnishings and installations, perception of space, volume area, prospect and refuge, activity and movement, and even lifestyle preferences.

Among the things to consider for space planning are:

  • Purpose of the space. What are you going to be using the space for? Do you see it to have different functions, such as a living room that can be integrated with the dining room?
  • The number of people who are going to use the space for the same purpose. These include the number of people living in the house to be renovated, or the persons occupying a room to be designed, or the number of employees working in an intended office space on a daily basis.
  • Existing furniture to be used in the space, or if there is a need to use new furniture instead.
  • Preferred ambience in the room, including colour schemes and accents.
  • Lighting sources, both natural and artificial.
  • Focal points of the room and how to utilise them.
  • Lifestyle choices and style inspirations.

These considerations put emphasis on the issues that a space plan has to resolve. By looking at these points, we at M Atelier create a space plan that not offers a solution to identified issues, but as well a plan that caters to the taste of our clients.

Space planning matters a lot, because aside from being the fundamental step towards bringing a design concept to life, it provides ways and means for space to be effective and efficient to those who are going to use it. For homeowners, planning gives them a better vision on how to transform their living spaces into their dream abodes. Meanwhile, business and office owners aspire to turn their empty rooms into areas of productivity and profit, and it is through planning that they can achieve these goals.

At M Atelier, we take high regard on the vision and expectation of our clients, hence we invest time and effort on space planning. We see this as the first step forward in coming up with a design concept that addresses the needs of the space that we are to work on, thus we make it a point to involve our clients in the planning process, because at the end of the day, the transformed space shall be serving their needs.

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